Public bodies and schools must report their energy performance annually. Complete this report online with our easy to use Monitoring and Reporting system.

Register for the M&R system

You will need a valid user name and password to access the system. To register on the system, send an email with the following information to

  • A valid email address to be used as the user name.
  • Name of the person who will be the primary M&R system user from the organisation.
  • Name of the organisation.
  • Schools (except ETBs): Roll number. If the school logged in last year, the credentials will be the same.
  • All other public bodies (including ETBs): Public body identification (PB ID) number. This is a unique identification number – in the format PB-12345 – assigned to each public body. See our list of PB IDs in the downloads section below.

You will then receive an email with your login details. We will only issue one set of login credentials per organisation. This primary M&R contact can then login to the system and create additional users for other people within the organisation. They can also designate one of the newly created users as the new primary contact.

Report your data

The following steps should help your in preparing to report your data, and moving through the process. Gather the data you need before beginning your reporting. For more information on reporting, read our Guide to Getting Started below.

1. Organisation
  • Enter your organisation and contact details
  • Create new M&R users
2. Baseline and activity metrics
  • Select your baseline period and the basis for your activity metric, if you have not already done so - for schools, pupil numbers are your activity metric
  • Report your values
3. Energy usage
  • Select the types of energy you use
  • Enter and vaildate your MPRNs and GPRNs
  • Report your non-network energy consumption
4. Energy saving projects
  • Report the projects you have implemented so far
  • List the projects you plan to implement in the future
5. Energy management
  • Report on the completeness of your data
  • Pick the main reasons behind your energy performance
  • Report on any formal assessments of your energy management programme


The M&R system generates an energy performance scorecard for each public body. The scorecard provides a visual insight into the energy performance of each organisation, enabling you to plan for greater energy saving activities in the future.

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